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Medellin, Colombia 2013

Foreign Relations

While in Colombia, I fell in love. Falling in love in a foreign country is not an easy task. It was not an easy journey for me. I felt that the relationship was doomed to fail as soon as my vacation ran its course. Esmeralda was her name. She was beautiful, intelligent and liked my jokes. Not to mention we had great chemistry. We spent as much time as we could together and tried not to think about my looming departure date.

The fated day came, I thought I would lose touch with the woman I loved as soon as I got back to the States. My heart ached, and I traveled with a frown on my face and a heavy heart. Being forced away from someone you know that you love is a trying experience, especially, if like me, you have a seven hour travel day to think about it.

As soon as I got back to the States I began researching how people coped, or fixed this awful feeling. I cam across a couple who are now relationship coaches. They were separated for 32 years and are now together. They are authors as well as coaches for others. Needless to say, as soon as I saw this, I had to call them up and see if they could help my position. Poppy, was very sympathetic and was determined to help me.

After talking with them for an hour on the phone, they had instilled enough confidence in me to make this work, somehow. The next step they told me about was talking to Esmeralda to see if she wanted to make it work. They stressed that it takes two determined parties in order to make the relationship work. Both people have to be equally invested.

I don’t want to give away too much of their strategies, as they are trade secrets, however, I encourage anyone wanting relationship advice to seek them out. They are some of the kindest, hardest working people I know. See their website here:

By the way, Esmaralda is sitting here next to me as I write this. She moved here a year ago and we have never been happier.

Thank you Poppy and Geoff!

Want to Have a Good Trip? Travel Healthy!

If you are like me and need to travel a lot for work, it can greatly effect your lifestyle. For me especially, my mood is greatly affected by my self image. Traveling is all about comfort. If you are stressed about other things or unhappy with your own self image, your experience could turn out quite miserably. I often found while traveling (until recently) that I was constantly stressed and unhappy.

This prompted me to do some self-searching to figure out the root of my unhappiness. I started noticing it in the mirror of the many airport restrooms that travelers such as myself frequent. It was my self image. I was unhappy with how my body looked in the mirror. It was subconsciously affecting my entire mood.

It was when I came to this realization that I knew a change had to be made. I contacted a close friend of mine in Illinois. Coach Kimmy in Chicago, IL was a close friend of mine and a great personal trainer. She works with all sorts of people, ranging from kids bootcamps, to adult Chicago personal training, for people like myself.

After 2 workouts with her, I was already feeling better. After 4 I could start to see a difference. She was very humble throughout the entire experience and said that my progress was a reflection of my desire to achieve rather than her expertise. I tend to think otherwise!

Anyways, this was my experience with bettering myself as well as my traveling experience.

If you are interested in learning more about my friend Kimmy, you can visit her site at

The Climate of Naples, Similar to Colombia

The climate in Naples, Florida is very similar to that of Colombia. Warm, humid air sits heavy during the day with occasional rain-showers. While on a trip to view a house for sale in Island Walk (, one of the communities in Naples, Florida, I started noticing similarities that the two climates have. Although Colombia is far more mountainous than Florida, the weather is almost identical. The same types of wildlife are found in both Naples and Colombia. The activities that the locals take part in are also similar to that of the natives in Colombia. High on the list, due to the large Latin influence is Soccer (Futbol).

The food is what you would expect in any American city however. There are lots of fast food restaurants such as MCdonald’s and Burger King, along with your generic eccentric food restaurants such as Olive Garden or Chipotle.

Overall the experience was great. I am definitely looking forward to owning a house in the town as the beaches and weather are beautiful. Until the closing date, I am back to Medellin!



Welcome from the Chairman of the Meeting

A year ago it was an idea, and with joy and pride we can say that is starting to be a reality. I want to give you a warm and hearty welcome to the Regional Meeting of Student Branches Colombia 2013, a huge challenge, I’m sure, will show the best that the region 9. ‘s hard to describe all the feelings, all the expectations and all the illusions each of us face this event and occupies most of our mind and our heart. Only I can tell you that all the organizer and volunteer team have their soul put into this event for each of you to live an unforgettable experience. For me as president of the RRR this year would be an honor to have the presence of all volunteers in the region who feel that the IEEE has really marked their lives and having in their life plan to do bigger and valuable organization that has taught us so much and has given us so many opportunities to become better professionals and better people. This challenge of performing a given RRR in Colombia thanks to the willingness and enthusiasm of all branches of the Colombia student section and Region 9 confidence placed in us. We will strive to meet your expectations I want to express my sincere thanks to the directives of the Region 9 for trusting us, directives section Colombia by the challenge and all student members of the host country because that will be the RRR I this a success. Hopefully we can meet in September so that together we give life to a RRR which is intended to be remembered forever.
A warm hug,
Juan Esteban Vélez Tamayo
President RRR Colombia 2013